Vážení zákazníci,

naskladnění stovek   R-shieldů probíhá každý všední den v 7:00 a v 16:00  . Maximální počet jednoho druhu v jedné objednávce je 20 kusů. 
Předobjednávky tisíců balení nanovlákenných ústenek s unikátní vrstvou akcelerovaného oxidu mědi   ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer a respirátorů RespiPro VK – Virus Killer nyní přijímáme přes e-shop ve všední dny vždy v 9:00 a v 18:00   do okamžiku vyprodání denního množství. Maximální počet jednoho druhu v jedné předobjednávce je 20 balení. Doručení předobjednaného zboží proběhne do 30 dní od přijetí platby. Tyto masky a respirátory nejen že zastaví 99,9 % virů a bakterií, ale dokonce je i zahubí. 
Pokud se vám objednávka či předobjednávka napoprvé nezdaří, zkuste to prosím během příštího naskladnění znovu. 

Děkujeme za pochopení.


Dear customers,

We are restocking hundreds of  R-shields every working day at 7 A.M. and at 4 P.M CET  . Maximum number of R-shields of one kind in a single order is 20 pcs. 
We are now also accepting preorders of thousands of packages of nanofiber masks with a unique accelerated copper oxide layer ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer face masks and RespiPro VK – Virus Killer respirators through our online store every working day at 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. CET until the daily ration is sold out. Maximum number of packages of one kind in a single order is 20. The preordered goods will be delivered within 30 days after we accept your payment. Not only do the masks and respirators block out 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria, but they also kill them.
In case you don’t succeed in ordering or preordering, please, try again later.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dear clients,

in order to answer your frequently asked questions in the shortest time possible, we have prepared this list together with the answers.

How can nanofiber face masks and neck gaiters protect me against viruses when they are not certified as FFP3?

The FFP standard informs the user of the product that the respirator was tested for the penetration of solid particles and aerosols, not pathogens (viruses and bacteria). Respilon nanofiber protective products are tested especially for the interception of viruses and bacteria, with the confirmed 99.9 % filtration efficiency. However, they do not comply with the EN 149 standard which requires all protective equipment to have “solid construction” (tear resistance) to have FFP3 certification.

Is personal pickup possible?

We do not offer a personal pickup service for Brno, our company doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar shop. We can offer personal pickup in Prague (only), you can choose this option when placing your order. If you choose personal pickup, please wait for a confirmation e-mail with an address and the information that your order is ready for pick up. This option will be available and adjusted depending on current government regulations.

The goods are in my cart, but I cannot complete the order. What should I do?

Goods placed in the cart are not confirmed orders yet. An order is placed in our system when it is fully created and confirmed. If you were unable to complete your order and during one of the steps the system warned you that the item was out of stock, please remove the item from your cart and wait until it is available again.

Is there a limit for a single order?

Yes, you can order max. 20 R-shields of any one kind in one order. A single preorder of ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer a RespiPro VK – Virus Killer may contain 20 packs of any one size.

Is cash on delivery possible?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service. You can choose online payment by card or by bank transfer. We stop the possibility of payment through PayPal.

Can I order only through your e-shop?

Yes, please, order only on shop.respilon.com. Ordering goods by telephone, e-mail or in person is not possible.

Can I change my order after I have received the generated number of the order?

We are sorry, but it is not possible. If you forgot to add something to your cart or you need to order more pieces, please place a new order.

Can I use Facebook profile RESPILON to inquire about my order?

Our social media sites are meant to keep you updated on what is currently happening in our company. If you have any question concerning your order, please use our e-mail address shop@respilon.com. We receive FB messages often and in great numbers – although we are happy to answer you, we would appreciate you to be as brief and to the point as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

What is the purpose of the phone lines +420 530 332 163 and +420 604 458 003, how do they work?

You can reach us there every working day between 8 AM - 4 PM (CET). There are many people from all over the world trying to reach us, just like you. Please be patient. We try to answer all questions for every person.

Therefore, we would appreciate you to be as brief and to the point as possible, especially with respect to other clients who also try to reach us.

Where can I contact you if I need to change my delivery address or if I have problems with payment for an order or preorder that I have made?

If you want to change your delivery address and have already received an email with a tracking number from us, please contact the shipping company directly.

If you have not yet received an email with a tracking number from us and would like to make some changes to your order, please contact us at changes@respilon.com. Please, understand that it is not possible to add any goods to your order or to change the kind of goods that you have ordered.

Who can I contact if I need to order wholesale?

Our business team is available for you on the email address trade@respilon.com. State all your requirements and one of our salespeople will get back to you.

When can I order your new RespiPro VK – Virus Killer facemasks and ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer respirators with accelerated copper oxide?

These unique face masks are currently being produced. We launched pre-orders on 20th March. After you preorder and we accept your payment, the goods will be dispatched within 4 weeks at the latest.

The nanofiber layer in these face masks intercepts viruses and bacteria and the layer of accelerated copper oxide kills them, which ensures the functionality of the facemasks.

How many times can I use the face mask?

The nanofiber filter mechanically captures the virus (on a similar principle to a sieve), while the copper oxide then kills the virus. Deactivated viruses can no longer multiply in the filter and there is no risk of secondary  infection if the mask is reused.

Our RespiPro VK – Virus Killer facemasks and ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer respirators can be used repeatedly, with up to 24 hours of protection in total. For example, if you wear the facemask for 3-4 hours a day, one will last you for a week. Information about the effectivity, packaging and pricing is available on our e-shop here and on our website here.

When will ReSpimask, RespiPro White a RespiPro Carbon be available?

Once we know the date, we will inform you on shop.respilon.com as well as on our Facebook page Respilon.

When will the R-shield neck gaiters be available?

We restock R-shields every working day at 7 AM and 4 PM (CET). Preorders of ReSpimask VK- Virus Killer and RespiPro VK – Virus Killer are possible at 9 AM and 6 PM (CET). We regularly update the information on availability of our products on our e-shop shop.respilon.com.

What is the status of my order with R-Shields?

We are doing our best to dispatch parcels in the shortest time possible. Considering the high demand, we ask you to be patient and to understand that the maximum expedition time is 14 days. If it has been over 14 days since you paid for your order, please contact us by e-mail at shop@respilon.com.

Will the R-shield neck gaiter protect me against the coronavirus?

The neck gaiter has a sewn-in nanofiber filter in the mouth and nose area, the same filter that we use in our ReSpimask face masks. This material ensures a 99.9% interception of all viruses and bacteria. This effectivity was confirmed by the result from an independent testing in an American institute Nelson Labs. If you follow the instructions for wearing, washing and you observe standard hygienic rules, R-shield will protect you against the coronavirus.

You can find the relevant certificates here.

How should I wear and take care of my R-shield?

If you want your neck gaiter to protect you, put the R-shield on in a safe environment – only then you can expose yourself to a high-risk environment. Once you have put it on, try to avoid touching your face or the neck gaiter. If you need to drink, eat or adjust your R-shield, disinfect your hands first – best with an antibacterial gel with alcohol. If you need to take the neck gaiter off in a high-risk environment, do not take it off completely – do not pull it over your head but keep it around your neck and ready to use. After you return from the high-risk environment, take your R-shield off in the following way: roll up the lower part of the R-shield under your chin and then pull it carefully over your head without creasing the fabric with the nanofiber membrane in front of your mouth and nose.

Wash the R-shield in a washing machine on 30 °C – at best separately on a hand washing program. The amount of water is the important factor – it will wash away potential residues of viruses. Then leave the neck gaiter to dry out properly for 12 to 24 hours. Disinfecting, sterilizing or ironing can damage the R-shield’s protective membrane. Use good judgment and wash the neck gaiter every day in case of exposing yourself to a high-risk environment.


Is it even possible to meet the current demand?

It is not in the powers of any commercial subject to boost their supply enough to correspond to the current demand “overnight”. We are doing our best to offer the protection that you require with the highest quality and in sufficient amounts in the shortest time possible. Under current circumstances it is not always possible to provide you with the exact dates and more details. The situation is constantly changing. Therefore, we ask you to be patient and tolerant. Thank you.