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RESPILON window membrane 5.0

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The 5th generation of window membrane came to the market at the start of August 2019. Nanofibers in the membrane are protecting your home from harmful particles from the outside air.

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Product detailed description

After a years of developing nanofiber membranes to protect our homes we bring RWM 5.0 (shortcut for RESPILON window membrane). This window screen has 50% better airflow, 25% better transparency and it still catches harmful particles from the outside (smog, dust, allergens) then the generation 2.0 and reaches better results in several tests (air flow, transparency) then generation 4.0. Thanks to nanofibers inside homes are protected from usual air pollution what can be caused by many factors – smog, diesel fumes or allergy season.
Having the window membrane at your windows causes less dust inside, less cleaning. less sneezing and much more healthier home for you and your loved ones.

Instalation is easy but level of protection is invaluable.