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ReSpimask Adult - 10pack

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Face mask provides effective protection of your respiratory tract against air pollution, viruses and bacteria. ReSpimask captures 99,9% of airbone particles. ReSpimask is the only face mask in the world to use the latest nanofiber technology with a three-layer membrane.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

  •  ReSpimask®works mechanically using no irritating chemicals
  • The protective properties of the mask are enhanced by its unique shape and adhesive strips which make it fit perfectly
  • The best mask for people with immune deficiency, the elderly, children and pregnant women


How ReSpimask works?

In each face mask is RESPILON® membrane what is made of nanofibers. This membrane is an extremely dense network of strong fibers. The combination of these features of RESPILON® can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles. What does this mean in practice? Dust, mould, but also smog, pollen, viruses, bacteria and mites - none of these can penetrate through the pores in the membrane.

Have any tests been made to proof ReSpimask captures all the particles?

RESPILON® membrane were tested and proved by renowned labs, such as the EMPA (Switzerland), VUT (Czech Republic) and Nelson Laboratories (USA).

How to choose the best size?

Please check the sizing chart – sizes are variable in each protection mask. Be extremly careful with juniors sizes always check the chart. 

How long can you use one mask for?

If you want to use ReSpimask against pollen, dust, smog, etc., it is possible to use ReSpimask repeatedly (when the mask needs to be replaced, you'll know it by colour of the mask's surface - for example yellow for pollen). If you use ReSpimask as protection from viruses or bacteria for example during flu epidemic, we recommend to use a new mask after each removing from your face (you never know who touches the mask on the table or if the the table is not contaminated).