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PROTECTIVE Do you want to be protected during the flu epidemic, from smog, allergens and infections but still look cool? Then choose RESPILON® Scarf which uses  the same unique filter as our nanofiber facemask ReSpimask,  which makes it is a great alternative for a face mask.

HI-TECH The Scarf with a special nanofiber layer captures 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms. It protects its  wearer from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and mold spores while being perfectly breathable.

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Just like R-shield, RESPILON® Scarf integrates a special nanofiber membrane which filters out 99.9% of all dangerous particles and microorganisms from the air. An embedded adjustable nose clip secures a perfect fit so that all air that is inhaled flows in through the nanofiber membrane. The Scarf is highly breathable while its filtration performance stays uncompromised. It is ideal for families with kids, in big cities, for allergy sufferers, for those with a weak immune system, cyclists, bikers, or skiers. Breathing is easy while you stay protected.

As opposed to R-shield, RESPILON® Scarf comes in four different sizes—XS/S, M, L/XL and XXL, and in various colors, just use our sizing chart to choose the size that fits you best. Another difference is the material that the neck gaiter is made from—95% cotton and 5% elastane make it firm yet stretchable.


COMFORTABLE —The Scarf is made from 100% premium chemically untreated stretchable cotton . It provides great breathability, elasticity, moisture and sweat wicking and mildew-proof performance. Special fitted tubular design ensures no pressure points and no headaches.

FITTING—To achieve the best possible protection, the scarf needs to fit perfectly over one’s nose and face. This is ensured by the adjustable nose clip which makes sure that all the inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane. No air leakage, no danger.


Neck gaiters are not suitable for children below 2.5 years old. If such small children really have to use them, please make sure that they are always accompanied by an adult.

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