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RespiPro VK - Virus Killer - 5pack

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A response to the rampant outbreak of the coronavirus a unique innovation: nanofiber face mask and respirators enriched with accelerated copper oxide that actively kills viruses and bacteria.

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Accelerated copper oxide as pathogen killer

So far, RESPILON’s nanofiber masks could intercept the coronavirus effectively, but they were primarily designed as single-use masks. The RESPILON team has therefore focused on the extending of their efficiency and on a safer handling of used face masks. Together with Israeli experts, the team have enhanced the properties of the filtration material, and in Turkey, they have successfully negotiated a new production capacity – a local modern production line. As a result, RESPILON introduces two products with an unprecedented level of/revolutionary protection: 

  • This respirator has a RESPILON® nanofiber filter with a 99.9% filtration efficiency for viruses and bacteria. The level of filtration efficiency was confirmed by independent testing in an American institute Nelson Labs.
  • An unprecedented innovation in the field of respiratory protective equipment is the enrichment of the filter by accelerated copper oxide. Thanks to it, RespiPro VK not only mechanically intercepts viruses and bacteria, but it actively kills them as well.
  • The filter works in both directions, and therefore, the respirator protects not just you but also those around you.
  • The respirator is the first product of this type which can be worn repeatedly and for a longer time, 24 hours at maximum. Therefore, if you wear the face mask for e.g., 3.5 hours a day, it will provide you with sufficient protection for the whole week. Thanks to the deactivation of viruses there is no risk of their further reproduction in the filter.
  • The main feature of this respirator is its maximum efficiency, not the attraction of a design. RespiPro VK is designed in the familiar “duck shape”, which belongs to the shapes that ensure the best face-fit even on the problematic areas on a person’s face. At the same time, it offers high comfort with regard to its breathability (it is easier to breathe through). Its wearer can also be better understood when speaking, which can be much appreciated by chief officers of security and emergency forces.
  • Accelerated copper oxide gives the nanofiber respirator a natural skin-like color so when a person wears it in the street, it will create rather a civilian than a medical look.


The combination of two unique features – the filtration efficiency for pathogens and the ability to kill them – makes RespiPro VK an ideal protective equipment against the coronavirus causing COVID-19 illness.

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