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We hope that you have enjoyed the DrySerum experience with Respibeauty REJUVENATOR and are ready to send the message out to the world.

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About DrySerum

  • DrySerum is a new revolutionary skincare product
  • it is 100% natural
  • it improves the skin and eliminates wrinkles by up to 20% in 7 days
  • it is made from collagen fibers which are hundreds of times thinner than the human hair
  • these nanofibers have actives integrated in them in concentrations 5–10x higher than in ordinary skin care products
  • DrySerum contains no artificial preservatives, emulsifiers or additives
  • it has been clinically tested


The product

  • DrySerum Respibeauty box is a 10-pack
  • each of its 10 pouches contains 1 forehead patch and 2 cheek patches
  • each box is a full week program
  • upon completion, its effects will last for the next 28 days
  • for best results, DrySerum Respibeauty should be used for one week every month
  • the product is available in two versions – standard and limited edition
  • both versions have the same ingredients and effect, but differ in how they are applied



  • to apply the standard edition of Respibeauty DrySerum REJUVENATOR, wet your face with water, peel off the protective layer and apply the patch on the skin for a few seconds, then remove it. This method is called the “shot” application and it is quick and easy. (application guide here: )
  • to apply the limited edition of Respibeauty DrySerum REJUVENATOR, follow the “shot” application method or try the “ritual” method which involves the following steps – peel off the protective layer, press the patch firmly on your dry skin, remove the patch and see that the white layer of DrySerum has adhered to the skin. Then spay it with water and that’s it. (application guide here:


Special offer

  • buy 1 get 1 free – always get one standard and one ritual limited edition box
  • The number of the RITUAL Melting Effect Limited Edition boxes available is limited – the offer ends when they sell out
  • Respilon ships globally
  • more information about the product available at
  • more information about the technology behind the product available at
  • there is 100% money back guarantee if the user does not see and feel the effect. To make the claim, the user must provide a high-resolution picture of his skin taken on the day before first application and another picture showing his skin on the day or the day after he has applied the last patch. Instructions on how to take the pictures are available [here]


Here is a video that we have enjoyed:


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