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in order to answer your frequently asked questions in the shortest time possible, we have prepared this list of questions and answers.

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Because the topic of sustainability and environmental protection is an integral part of us, we decided to replace the plastic lining inside the package that protects the product with a more environmentally friendly variant. Your order from RESPILON will now also come with clippings of the material used in the production of our respirators. These are the natural by-products of the production itself in the sterile premises of our Brno production line.

This offers you an interesting opportunity to take a closer look at what the material of our respirators looks like from the inside, or how the individual layers are placed on top of each other.

Our social media sites are meant to keep you updated on what is currently happening in our company.

If you have any questions concerning your order, please use our e-mail or phone lines +420 530 332 163 and +420 604 458 003, where you can reach us every working day between 8 AM–4 PM (CET).

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Kolegové z reklamačního oddělení se vám budou obratem věnovat.

You can use our „Watchdog“, which will automatically send you an e-mail as soon as the particular goods are back in stock.

When viewing the product, just click on the “WATCH” box that is shown below.

To choose the right size of a respirator, use the size chart which you can find below the detailed descriptions of individual products.

On our e-shop we currently offer the following products suitable for children: the washable R-shield Kids neck gaiter with sewn-in nanofiber membrane, and the self-sterilizing nanofiber VK RespiRaptor respirator in size S. These products, due to their size, are fine for children. Children can choose the R-shield neck gaiter in a number of color designs; and you will appreciate the VK RespiRaptor especially for its self-sterilization ability, due to which you can re-use the respirator for a period of up to one week, i.e. 168 hours cumulatively. The nanofiber membrane in the VK RespiRaptor captures up to 99.9% of viruses. It also filters bacteria, smog, dust, pollen, allergens, mold, and other pathogens.

Our e-shop offers products that are intended for single-use, or products that can be worn repeatedly.

Respirators intended for single-use
RespiPro Carbon
RespiPro White

For repeated wear
R-shield neck gaiters with nano membrane
Self-sterilizing VK RespiPro FFP2 nano respirator
Self-sterilizing VK Respiraptor FFP2 nano respirator
The VK RespiPro and VK RespiRaptor respirators are – thanks to accelerated copper – self-sterilizing, which means they do not need any maintenance and yet can be worn repeatedly for up to 1 week.

Air Conditioner Filters
Air Conditioner Filter With Nano Membrane

Window screens
Window screen with nano membrane RWM 5.0

For the products to work as we specify, it is necessary to always follow the instructions and respect the principles in a manual that comes with each product.

Nanofiber respirators block out up to 99.9% of viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (the efficiency level was confirmed by a test result performed by the independent American institute Nelson Labs).

By using these nanofiber respirators you protect not just yourself but also those around you (nano respirators work in both directions).

As opposed to ordinary masks or respirators, their filtration efficiency is not decreased by the humidity of your breath.

The R-shield neck gaiter has a nanofiber membrane sewed-in in the area that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth which blocks out 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. Also no dust, smog, or allergens can pass through this sewn-in membrane.

Because each face is different, we bring a new shape of nanofiber respirator to our clients – a shape which is known worldwide as the “fish-type” shape. This shape offers excellent face-fit, which minimizes the amount of air which could seep in around the respirator from undesirable places. The “fish type” shaped RespiRaptor and VK Respiraptor nano respirators also have a new generation of ear loops which are comfortable, do not cut into the wearer’s ears, and are highly elastic.

These respirators have the “fish-type” shape which provides the user with an excellent face-fit and great adhesion of the mask. The “fish-type” shape does not move during speaking, which makes it the ideal choice for people who need to communicate and be sure that their speech is comprehensible. The nose clip in the respirator can be shaped, which at the same time it ensures that no air seeps in around the respirator from undesirable places.

Respirators from the VK line work on the double-barrier principle – the nanofiber membrane immediately captures viruses with a 99.9% efficiency and accelerated copper subsequently ensures a decontamination effect.

Thanks to this unique technology, the nanofiber respirators from the VK line are self-sterilizing, which means that no maintenance is needed. The only necessary thing is to follow the instructions for use in the manual.

The VK nanofiber respirators can be used repeatedly and for an extended period. The respirator can be worn repeatedly without any additional maintenance for up to one week, i.e. for up to 168 hrs cumulatively.

Our recommendation about the time of use of a self-sterilizing nanofiber respirator does not relate to the functioning of accelerated copper (which still maintains its function), but rather to situations when the repeated use causes the material wear of the respirator (e.g. to possibly loosened elastic bands, possible wear of the nose clip, and most importantly, to the situation when the respirator can become loose and won’t fit perfectly on your face; a perfect face-fit is, in our opinion, essential for the protection of one’s respiratory system). The product works until it is mechanically worn out/damaged.

Yes, we plan to offer more sizes in the future.

At the moment, you can choose from sizes M and L. Size S will also be available.

Because the result of sterilization of the product outside of a laboratory can be hazardous, we do not recommend these sterilization methods.

We offer the second generation of VK RespiPro and the VK RespiRaptor self-sterilizing nanofiber respirators which work on the double-barrier principle – the nanofiber membrane immediately captures viruses with a 99.9% efficiency, and accelerated copper subsequently ensures a decontamination effect.

The universal RESPILON nanofiber air conditioner filter is the first-generation of nanofiber filters for air conditioners, specially made to absorb bacteria and to prevent them from replicating inside the filter. It also eliminates odors, harmful gases, and protects from dust. All its features therefore contribute to the cleanliness of the air in your household, office, or your own doctor’s office.

The RESPILON nanofiber air conditioner filter is suitable for all types of air conditioners: ceiling, wall-mounted, even stand-alone. After measuring and cutting, the single filter size in the package can be used for several installations/replacements; it depends on the size of the filtration unit in your air conditioner.

The Air Conditioner Filter With Nano Membrane is:

  • antimicrobial – it absorbs bacteria and prevents their replication inside the A/C unit
  • eliminates odors – during operations it absorbs and removes noxious odors and gasses
  • filters out dust – it helps to remove circulating dust – caused by airing the room – due to the increased higher absorption efficiency of the A/C unit
  • requires no complicated maintenance – the filter prevents the accumulation of dust inside the unit and the spread of microbes; thus to maintain hygienic conditions, simply use the filter for a certain period of time and then dispose of it and insert a new filter