DrySerum – dry serums in face mask form

Did you know that ordinary cosmetics are mostly made up of water? Water does not only dry out the skin, but it also requires preservatives and additives to keep the product from spoiling.

We’re changing the face of cosmetics, thanks to our innovative new technology. It’s called NUENEX®, created in our own laboratories at RESPILON, and now awaiting patent approval. Nuenex encapsulates substances into nanofibers, from which the DrySerum is made.

This is how our unique, waterless Respibeauty, was born, which contains only 100% active and natural ingredients. Therefore, it delivers maximum results, and its production is safe for the environment. Therefore, you will look in vain for any artificial chemicals or ingredients in Respibeauty.

The secret of the nanofiber dry serum lies in its formula, which reduces wrinkles, activates the production of your own collagen, and also works as an all-day protective shield against airborne pollutants. It was developed for instantaneous rejuvenation and nourishing of the skin. A clinical study shows a significant reduction in wrinkles – by up to 20% in 7 days.

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Dry Serum Respibeauty REJUVENATOR — 10 pcs
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A series of nanofiber Respibeauty® REJUVENATOR dry serums in mask form, for wrinkle reduction, rejuvenation, and skin protection.