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Self-sterilizing FFP2 nano respirator VK RespiRaptor | RESPILON
from €15.95

Viruses have been making our lives harder for a long time. And that’s why it’s time to say “Enough” to them, once and for all! Our nanofiber FFP2 respirator VK RespiRaptor will...

Self-sterilizing VK RespiPro FFP2 Nanofiber Respirator L| RESPILON
from €19.95

The second generation of our self-sterilizing nano respirator VK RespiPro is a fully certified FFP2 respirator. We’re constantly pushing forward our products technologically...


Nanofiber respirators from the VK line work on the double-barrier principle. First barrier is a nanofiber membrane which immediately and reliable captures viruses thanks to its extremely dense net of nanofibers. Then, the layers of accelerated copper take care of the deactivation of viruses. 

Thanks to this, the respirators can be considered self-sterilizing, and they can be worn repeatedly without any other need of maintenance for up to one week, or until the respirator starts showing signs of mechanical wear and tear. The respirators are an eco-friendly and economical choice.