About us

RESPILON – A Guide to the World of Nanofibers

We are RESPILON. A Czech company active on foreign markets since 2013. We research and develop nanofiber products. And we are on a mission – to find novel applications for the specific properties of nanofiber to help people to live better and healthier lives.

How we help people to live better and healthier lives

Our nanofiber products include:

Where are RESPILON nanofiber respirators produced?

We manufacture our products in the Czech Republic. To satisfy international demand, we are also using the time-tested production capacities of our partners abroad.

RESPILON helps people with illnesses and disabilities

We are in long-term cooperation with a number of non-profit organizations that support children and adults with compromised immunity, seriously-ill patients, and other people in need. A percentage of our sales from selected R-shields regularly goes to such NGOs. We also devote a lot of time to educating people about how to use nanofiber protection products properly.

Where to find us

Apart from the Czech Republic we have offices in Spain, USA and China. We partner with the world’s top manufacturers of nanofibers, with research centers and universities.