About us

About us

We are nanofibers, we sell nanofibers and we develop new nanofibers materials and products for living a healthier life.

RESPILON®’s mission is to help people live a healthier and eco-friendlier life, as the sustainability of the Earth’s resources is becoming an increasingly important issue. RESPILON® believes that all the people in the world have the right to take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Nanofibers can completely change the standards of health protection. That is why RESPILON®’s goal is to create and increase demand for nanofiber products in the retail and medical sector.

The founder of the company Mr. Roman Zima started RESPILON® in the kitchen of his home in 2013. The company initially served only the face masks market with ReSpimask® – its own specially-designed and branded mask with an original shape and adhesive strips for better face fit. It is made from a nanofiber material which has unique viral filtration efficiency. RESPILON® began selling in 2014 through an international network of agents and distributors in 10 countries, with particularly large presence in China.


RESPILON® materials have limitless applications and can be customized for customer needs.


RESPILON® has the head quarter in Brno, Czech Republic and operates through 15 agencies worldwide.