Air Conditioner Filter With Nano Membrane

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The universal RESPILON nanofiber filter for your air conditioner which captures bacteria and thanks to its anti-microbial properties prevents their further growth in the filter. The A/C filter also eliminates odors, harmful gases, and protects from dust. All its features therefore contribute to the cleanliness of the air in your household, office, or your own doctor’s office.

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Air conditioner filter with nano membrane

Take your home air conditioning to another level with an air filter. Thanks to the universal RESPILON nanofiber filter you can efficiently purify air in any room equipped with an air conditioner. Be it your living room, bedroom, office, or your own doctor’s office.

How does the A/C nanofiber filter work?

First, it is important to realize how home air conditioners work. An indoor air conditioner from any manufacturer draws in air from the room, heats it or cools it and then lets it back into the room. Because of that, air which was already in the room circulates, which also causes particles to swirl. The RESPILON A/C filter attaches to airholes through which the air conditioner draws in air. The air is filtered at the inlet through the RESPILON nano membrane which captures undesirable dust particles, pollen, bacteria, and odors. Purified air at a required temperature then comes out of the air conditioner. The versatility of the filter is a big advantage – it doesn't matter whether you have a wall-mounted, a ceiling-mounted (so-called cassette) or a mobile air conditioner, it doesn't even matter what brand it is. Thanks to the RESPILON A/C filter you can enhance any air conditioning system with a filtering nanofiber membrane.

Why choose the RESPILON A/C filter:

  • it is universal
  • removes solid particulates from air
  • has antimicrobial effect
  • has a deodorizing zeolite core (absorbs odors)
  • maintenance-free
  • easy installation

How to install and change the RESPILON nanofiber A/C filter

Always follow the instructions for installation. Start by opening the case of your air conditioner and slide out the screen – it has a sieve inside which captures larger impurities. Place the screen on the RESPILON A/C filter and trace its exact shape. Use scissors to cut out the desirable shape of the filter. Attach double-sided tape to the upper side of the screen and then stick the RESPILON A/C filter to it. The tape need not be attached around the whole circumference of the screen – once the air conditioner is switched on, airflow will make the filter adhere to the screen perfectly. Make sure to always attach the filter with its side with RESPILON logos facing up, and always attach it to the upper side of the screen. Insert the screen with the RESPILON A/C filter back into the air conditioner. The filter needs changing when the RESPILON logos on the upper side of the filter are no longer visible.

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What certificates does the RESPILON nano A/C filter have?

All RESPILON products undergo testing and certification by independent institutions. The RESPILON nano A/C filter holds four test reports (Antibacterial finishes on textile materials, Determination of deodorant property, Weight arrestance – a test of filtration efficiency for dust particles, Initial resistance (to airflow)) issued by the accredited FITI Testing & Research Institute.

Additional parameters

Category: Air Conditioner Filters
Warranty: Standard
HS: 560312100
Non-woven: polyethylene / polypropylene
Nanofiber: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
Antibacterial & Deodorizing agent: zeolite

Instruction video

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