RWM 6.0 nanofiber window screen with adjustable frame

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A home should be an oasis of peace and comfort for everyone – families with children, the elderly, or people suffering from allergies or respiratory problems. How to achieve this? Thanks to the adjustable window frame, which you can assemble yourself with just a little skill and without complicated tools, and the RWM 6.0 nanofiber screen, you can forget about the hassle with dust, smog, pollen, rain, or intruding insects and enjoy a breath of pure air.

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Product detailed description


Pregnant women
People with respiratory problems
People with heart problems


Clean air in all conditions
Ventilation possible even in dusty areas
Less time spent dusting
Effective all year round
Easy to maintain


Pollen particles
Pylovými částicemi
Exhaust fumes


RWM 6.0 for your breathing pleasure

Have you ever thought about how important it is for you to be able to take a deep breath of clean air? Healthy breathing is a connection to life, a necessity for your daily adventures. Every breath is like a bottle of fresh air that gives you energy and vitality. It is the most precious thing you have.

Now imagine that the wonderful feeling of undisturbed breathing can be enjoyed by everyone – even those who have been plagued by allergies, asthma, and other breathing difficulties all their lives, or those who live on busy streets full of smog and car exhaust fumes. 

The RWM 6.0 nanofiber screen for windows or doors will reduce dust and ensure clean air in your home. Now you can enjoy sleeping with an open window wherever you live.

Clean air is priceless

Polluted air is one of the biggest threats to our health. Every day, we breathe in around 11,000 liters of air. This air is often contaminated with smog, dust, exhaust fumes, spores and pollen, all of which enter our respiratory system without much difficulty. Data published by the WHO show that 99% of the world’s population breathes air that exceeds the WHO recommended values and contains a high proportion of pollutants. According to WHO estimates, air pollution is responsible for 7 million premature deaths each year. Clean indoor air can reduce this burden in today’s world. 

What makes the latest nanofiber screen so ground-breaking?

What is ground-breaking about the RWM 6.0 nanofiber screen is the nanofibers. Thanks to them, this screen acts as a microscopic sieve that mechanically prevents the penetration of impurities from the air. Since they are invisible to the naked eye, think of them as a protective shield for your home, protecting it from unwanted external influences – trapping allergens, pollen, smog, dust, exhaust fumes or certain components of cigarette smoke, mold spores, rain, insects and mites. At the same time, the screen is perfectly breathable, so that the best that nature has to offer and our bodies require can pass through it.

Unlike nano respirators, it does not trap viruses, for example, and it does so quite deliberately so that they can be ventilated out of the room.

Will it fit my window?

Yes, thanks to the adjustable frame, you can fit the nanofiber screen to any conventional window. The frame is telescopic, and you can choose from 4 variants with the following maximum dimensions:

  • 80x100 cm (31.5x39.37 in) – suitable for windows with dimensions 48–80 cm x 60–100 cm (18.9–31.5x23.62–39.37 in)
  • 120x140 cm (47.24x55.12 in) – suitable for windows with dimensions 80–120 cm x 80–140 cm (18.9–47.24 in x 18.9–55.12 in)
  • 150x180 cm (59.06x70.87 in) – suitable for windows with dimensions 110–150 cm x 120–180 cm (43.31–59.06 in x 47.24–70.87 in)
  • 120x240 cm (47.24x94.49 in) – suitable for windows with dimensions 80–120 cm x 180–240 cm (31.5–47.24 in x 70.87–94.49 in)

You can install it yourself with just a little skill

Anyone who has ever assembled anything before can assemble the frame, insert the screen and attach it to the window. You don’t need to call in a specialist company, all you need is a little skill, patience and basic tools – a tape measure, hex key, box cutter, scissors, pliers and pencil.

  1. Measure the depth of your window and use the pliers to bend the clips so that the frame fits snugly to the window at the end of the process.
  2. Slide the clips into the rails of each corner of the frame and tighten with a hex key.
  3. Measure the height and width of the window and use the conversion tables to cut the desired length of the spline, which you slide into the rail in the frame and push all the way into the corner.
  4. Then slide on the brush seal strip and cut off the excess.
  5. Connect the frame parts and attach the RWM 6.0 nanofiber screen.
  6. Attach the screen by snapping on the corner plastic parts and the splines around the perimeter of the frame.
  7. Cut off the rest of the screen with a utility knife.
  8. Place the prepared frame on the window and check that it holds firmly.
  9. Be sure to place a cotter pin in the corner of the frame.
  10. And there you go!

Installation instructions for the RWM 6.0 nanofiber window screen with adjustable frame


How to maintain the screen?

The RWM 6.0 nanofiber screen lasts up to 7 years and is suitable for all seasons. Roughly once every six months, just wash it with clean water using a sponge or soft cloth.

Always follow the instructions for maintenance, do not use aggressive cleaners, sharp objects, brushes or pressure washers.

6 main benefits of the RWM 6.0 membrane nanofiber screen for windows

  1. Every breath is a joy – even for children, the elderly and people with allergies or respiratory problems
  2. It keeps out many unwanted elements – dust, smoke, pollen, mold spores, summer rain, insects and UV rays
  3. It lets in what our body wants – oxygen molecules safely penetrate thanks to the breathability of the material
  4. Health friendly – we said a firm NO to problematic materials and YES to polymer mesh
  5. 7 years of reliable protection – the nanofiber screen is long-lasting and can provide 100% protection for at least 7 long years 
  6. It fits every window and door – thanks to adjustable frames or roll-up systems, the screen can be applied anywhere


Is this hard to believe? Do you feel we are exaggerating? We understand this customer caution, which is why we enclose certificates of filtration efficiency and fire retardancy.


Additional parameters

Category: Window Screens
Warranty: Standard

Nanofiber Filter RWM 6.0 with Adjustable Window Frame – Installation demonstration

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