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RespiPro Carbon - Filtration Halfmask - 3pack

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RespiPro Carbon with a carbon layer inside protects you from 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, smog, dust, allergens, and from odors too. RespiPro Carbon is a certified FFP2 NR filtration half mask.

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The special design and production material of this professional mask makes it a perfect choice for doctors, firemen, policemen, laboratory staff, rescue men, medical staff and soldiers who work under tough conditions. Its strong nanofiber layer structure makes this half mask a perfect choice for professionals who want to protect themselves against airborne pathogens without resorting to the use of chemicals.

The carbon layer protects you from odors, the nanofiber layer captures all dangerous particles – this makes RespiPro Carbon one of the best half masks on the market. Masks with nanofibers block out all kinds of harmful particles. Thanks to nanofibers no particles penetrate the membrane. 

  • RespiPro Carbon nanofilter captures odors and 99,9% of viruses and bacteria, smog, dust, mites, pollen and other allergens
  • The half mask has its unique shape which makes it fit perfectly, while the carbon layer protects its wearer from odors
  • The best option for soldiers, doctors, firemen, policemen, laboratory staff, rescue men, or medical staff, as well as for anyone who want to protect themselves from air pollution and airborne pathogens
  • RespiPro Carbon is a certified FFP2 NR filtration half mask. It fulfils standards EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and GB2626/2006 KN95


How does RespiPro Carbon work?

Each RespiPro Carbon houses a RESPILON® nanofiber membrane – an extremely dense network of strong fibers which can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles. What does this mean in practice? Dust, mold, smog, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mites or other allergens – none of these can penetrate through the pores in the membrane. An additional carbon layer stops odors.

How to choose the best size?

To select the best size, please check the sizing chart – different RESPILON® protective masks have different sizing.

How long can you use one mask for?

If you want to use RespiPro Carbon against pollen, dust, smog, etc., it is possible to use it repeatedly – you will be able to tell that the mask needs to be replaced by the color of the mask's surface, for example yellow for pollen. If you use RespiPro Carbon as protection from viruses or bacteria during, let’s say, a flu epidemic, we recommend using a new mask after each removal of the previous one from your face.


This product is not recommended for ages below 2,5 years.
Please use under parental control.



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