Why switch to nanofiber?

Why switch to nanofiber? Why switch to nanofiber?

Would you like to know why nanofiber is so unique?

Nanofiber membranes create the dependable protection filter in all our Respilon® respiratory protection products.

Nanofiber filters are composed of an extremely dense network of thin fibers (1000× thinner than a human hair). The gaps in these filters are so small that they capture viruses, and at the same time, they are big enough for air molecules to pass through. Because of this, they are able to provide great breathability, which you will feel as soon as you wear RESPILON® nanofiber respiratory protection.

Nanofiber membrane in RESPILON respirators Nanofiber membrane in RESPILON respirators

The effectiveness of nanofiber filters is based on the mechanical principle, which is why they work so well even when under humid conditions; i.e., when breathing. For ordinary respirators, this means that mere use – i.e., breathing through an ordinary respirator – reduces their level of protection. Respiratory protection products that use nanofiber membranes on the other hand maintain their high filtration level – up to 99.9% – thanks to the density of the material.

What is the difference between ordinary respirators and nanofiber respirators?

The basic difference between nanofiber respirators and ordinary respirators comes down to how they capture particles. Ordinary respirators work on the electrostatic principle, which is their basic flaw*; whereas nanofiber membranes in RESPILON® respirators and R-shield neck gaiters work on the mechanical principle.

*Electrostatic charges are depleted by humidity. That is why mere use of an ordinary respirator makes it stop working after only 30 minutes. The efficiency of ordinary respirators drops to 40–60%, which is why it is absolutely essential to take an ordinary respirator off, and let it thoroughly dry out. After drying, the electrostatic charge returns, but the filtration efficiency will never go back to its original value.

Dry respirator

Dry respirator

Wet respirator

Wet respirator

Nanofiber membranes work via the mechanical capture principle, with up to 99.9% filtration efficiency against viruses, allergens, and other particles. The filtration efficiency is maintained regardless of humidity (incl. breathing), which is not true of ordinary respirators.

Protecting you and those around you

RESPILON® nanofiber membranes mechanically prevent the passage of 99.7–99.9% of viruses, in both directions. They protect you, and those around you.

Protecting you and those around you Protecting you and those around you