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Case for R-shield

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A handy case for R-shield that protects your antiviral nanofiber neck gaiter from getting dirty, damaged, or cross-contaminated. An inside pocket which can hold cards, bills or keys makes it a perfect companion for travel.   

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Case for R-shield

R-shield nanofiber neck gaiter protects you from viruses, bacteria, smog, dust, and allergens. So why not protect it in return? The case for R-shield will keep your nanofiber neck gaiter perfectly clean when you are not wearing it. 

Why you should carry your R-shield antiviral neck gaiter in a case

  • no cross-contamination from infected surfaces
  • it stays protected from mechanical damage
  • it won’t get dirty inside your handbag, bag or backpack
  • you will have it handy at all times

Ideas for use

  • to store your R-shield when in a restaurant, café, or at work – simply for whenever you would put it on a table or throw it in a bag with your personal belongings
  • when traveling – a zipper and an inside pocket will also keep your cards and keys secure at one place
  • to store your R-shield at home, so that you can grab it and go

What is the difference between the new Case for R-shield and the original Meteor Ball?

It only takes a few seconds to fold your R-shield into the new case and there is no need to bend the nose clip, which saves possible strain.


As prevention of COVID-19 we recommend to not store your R-shield in one case with coins, bills and other items that might be contaminated. If you still decide to do so, please disinfect said items first. 


100 mm x 80 mm x 35 mm (l x w x h)

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Category: Antiviral Neck Gaiter
Warranty: Standard
The item has been sold out…