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naskladnění stovek   R-shieldů probíhá každý všední den v 7:00 a v 16:00  . Maximální počet jednoho druhu v jedné objednávce je 20 kusů. 
Předobjednávky tisíců balení nanovlákenných ústenek s unikátní vrstvou akcelerovaného oxidu mědi   ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer a respirátorů RespiPro VK – Virus Killer nyní přijímáme přes e-shop ve všední dny vždy v 9:00 a v 18:00   do okamžiku vyprodání denního množství. Maximální počet jednoho druhu v jedné předobjednávce je 20 balení. Doručení předobjednaného zboží proběhne do 30 dní od přijetí platby. Tyto masky a respirátory nejen že zastaví 99,9 % virů a bakterií, ale dokonce je i zahubí. 
Pokud se vám objednávka či předobjednávka napoprvé nezdaří, zkuste to prosím během příštího naskladnění znovu. 

Děkujeme za pochopení.


Dear customers,

We are restocking hundreds of  R-shields every working day at 7 A.M. and at 4 P.M CET  . Maximum number of R-shields of one kind in a single order is 20 pcs. 
We are now also accepting preorders of thousands of packages of nanofiber masks with a unique accelerated copper oxide layer ReSpimask VK – Virus Killer face masks and RespiPro VK – Virus Killer respirators through our online store every working day at 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. CET until the daily ration is sold out. Maximum number of packages of one kind in a single order is 20. The preordered goods will be delivered within 30 days after we accept your payment. Not only do the masks and respirators block out 99.9 % of viruses and bacteria, but they also kill them.
In case you don’t succeed in ordering or preordering, please, try again later.

Thank you for your understanding.

R-shield Loono

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R-shield is the first form of respiratory protection without any fashion compromises. Thanks to its special nanofiber layer it captures 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms while staying perfectly breathable. This limited edition of R-shield's exceptional design was created for support LOONO.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Special RESPILON® nanofiber membrane captures 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms. With outstanding flexibility, it provides great breathability, elasticity, moisture wicking and mildewproof performance. Top technology improves your health and enhances your style. Now you can fight off smog and look cool at the same time.


BE UNIQUE WITH OUR LIMITED EDITION – Protect yourself in style! Fight off smog, allergens, flu epidemic or infections and look cool at the same time. Enhance your style with R-shield specially designed to support Loono. See product description to learn more!


HI-TECH EFFECTIVE – R-shield is a great alternative for our nanofiber facemask ReSpimask as it uses the same unique filter with special nanofiber layer that captures 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms. It protects users from viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and mold spores while being perfectly breathable.


VERSATILE – Since R-shield is made of spandex material, it comes with outstanding flexibility and elasticity with numerous means of use: for yoga, morning jogs, racing, hiking, skiing, riding,

SUPPORT CHARITY – By buying this edition of R-shield, you're contributing to a good cause. Your support goes to the people affected by unfortunate life events. For each Loono R-shield you buy, $1 will be donated to non.profit organization Loono.

fishing, hunting, dressing up, etc. The special fitted tubular design ensures no pressure points and no headaches

ONE SIZE SOLUTION – No more need to measure your head to choose the right size! Thanks to the adjustable clip on the back of the R-shield, you can adjust it anytime to always keep a perfect tight fit to achieve the best possible protection. The adjustable nose clip also makes sure that all the inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane. No air leakage, no danger


Do you need to protect your airways, but hate it when people give you the look?


Do you want to stay healthy without the need to wear unflattering face masks?

Now you can!


R-shield is the first form of respiratory protection without any fashion compromises. Thanks to its special nanofiber layer it captures 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms while staying perfectly breathable. Any particle up to 100 μm won't stand a chance against our RESPILON® membrane.


Ultimate Protection with Maximum Comfort

The R-shield neck gaiter was specially designed to protect you against:

  • Pollen and allergens
  • Bacteria, viruses and the flu
  • Dust
  • Smog and air pollution

The combination of ergonomic design and elasticity provides you with maximum comfort. The R-shield fits heads of all shapes and sizes, is washable and needs no change of external filters.

By your purchase, you support a non-profit organization Loono, which provides clear and understandable information about the care principles of self-care. The team consists of medical professionals who Lead creative media campaigns and organize educational workshops focusing on to pic of reproductive health, cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention.

So far, Loono have taught 55,000 people about prevention. More than 40 of these people have subsequently discovered cancer or other serious illness in time. Your contribution will help Loono to teach even more people about prevention, which can save their Lives.

By buying our Loono R-shield, you contribute $1 to the event that takes them one step closer to receiving the help they need.


Consider providing them with a chance to take a turn for the better today.

Say goodbye to fashion limits and show yourself to the world in RESPILON style.


How R-Shield works

RESPILON® filtration membrane is a part of each neck gaiter. This membrane is an extremely dense network of strong nanofibers. The combination of these features of RESPILON® can stop even the smallest solid and liquid particles.

With R-shield you are protected from dust, mold, but also smog, pollen, viruses, bacteria and mites – none of these can penetrate through the pores in the nanofiber membrane.

Meteor Ball

Original packaging for neck gaiters? That is RESPILON Meteor Ball! Pin it to your backpack and have your neck gaiter ready everywhere and everytime!

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Warranty: 50 washing cycles